Your WRAPPA Reusable Food Wrap should last you around 6-12 months with the right care.

We have even had some last around 18 months! Think of the amount of plastic wrap we have saved from entering the environment and our oceans!

To clean your WRAPPA, simply wipe any food off the wrap with a clean, damp dishcloth. There is no need to add detergents or cleaners to the wrap, but if you have some mild detergent in the sink water, then feel free to scrunch the dishcloth in that to use on the wrap. Make sure your water is tepid in temperature, as hot water will damage your WRAPPA.

Dishwashers are not WRAPPA friendly. Nor are microwaves… eeek! The dashboard of your car on a hot day is also not a good place to put them.

Whilst the wraps are fabulous in warm climates as well as cold, direct sunlight is not good for the wraps, so keep your food, and your wraps away from that.

We store our WRAPPAs by folding them and laying in a drawer in the kitchen. Some of our customers will roll them and put them in a utensil holder on the benchtop. It is up to you… just keep away from the oven and that cursed sunlight again!

It is as easy as that! The less you interfere with the wrap, the longer they will last.

If you have any questions, then please use our contact form to have a chat with me.