Meet the Artist

Tangerine Meg

When was it that you made a connection between what we do with Wrappa Bees, and what you do as an artist. Why did you want to join forces with us?

Cheryl, you & I met on a Winter day in 2016. In a big chilly hall, encircling the exhibition tables were the stallholders’ pop up shops, where we stallies joked, chatted and made friends. Along with the beautiful exhibits, we admired each others stalls and intriguing products. Instantly I was smitten with Wrappa Bees reusable food wraps. (I remain envious of your seemingly effortless, bee-themed booth set up!)

I adore the idea of replacing throw away cling wrap with a long lasting alternative.

Being a long time pattern obsessive and attempter-to-help-save-the-planet, the idea of using my art to decorate this ecological, sturdy product was a no-brainer!

Plus: Getting my art into household fridges tickles my fancy no end! For some reason the pretty colourful fruit and veggies get stored out of sight in those drawers at the bottom, so let’s add some colour to those upper, first seen fridge shelves! I’d like to see this: The door opens, the light comes on and – voila! – there’s a riot of pattern & happy colour combinations!


artwork of bunch of green broccoli arranged on blue and white gingham cloth

What is is that you do as an artist? Explain your style and concepts to our customers who may not have had the pleasure of discovering your artwork.

The subjects of my art are imbued with joy, wonder and so.much.colour! … Accessible things, like perfectly common flowers (think daisies, nasturtiums), cats, people (I call them ‘bold souls’), and recently personal stories and friendship/diversity/inclusivity.

I do several things under the umbrella of “Tangerine Meg – Bold Art for Bold Souls”… I’m a trained graphic designer, a teacher, a drawing/painting/printmaking artist and I do my own website work. I produce a quality calendar each year filled to the brim with my art, and vibrant prints and greeting cards.



Why do you think we’re such a good match visually, in terms of fabric pattern and colours?

In one word: Funky.

In several words: Modern, quirky grooviness to brighten up daily life.

I’ve done several prints and paintings featuring flowers and food (it’s even one of my calendar themes) including broccoli on blue and white gingham, juicy fruit on striped and flowered fabrics, and capsicums (bell peppers) on runaway wave patterns in blues and reds.

Colour, art and nature’s foods are natural companions! Cheryl (you) and I both set out to bring happy colour (and world saving in various flavours) to daily life.



At Wrappa Bees we are very focused on making #onesmallchange in our lives that can make a huge impact on the environment. What is one small change that you have made in your home life that you can share with us?

Apart from replacing all my cling wrap and sandwich bags with Wrappa Bees? …  Can I share my 2 current favourites? Here goes:

Growing my own spring onions in the kitchen. I simply cut off the green tops and let the roots continue to grow in water. I dislike adding kitchen waste to landfill (which creates methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide!) and the onions live much longer in a glass on the bench. I look forward to having a garden with diggable dirt to grow even more of my own food!


Rather than switching on a heater of some kind when the weather gets chilly, wrap your human form in blankets and jumpers. Snuggle into them. Get cosy with some extra colour and pattern in your day and reduce your power bill!

I love the #onesmallchange principle (and hashtag!) … I think lots of us want to do our part to “save the planet” but can get overwhelmed by the size of our task to keep the earth’s temperature increase under 2 degrees. Let’s set ourselves up so it’s easy to do the right thing –  and add in gorgeousness & longevity that cling wrap simply can’t compete with!

Click to check out Tangerine Meg’s website.