Last year we teamed up with a gorgeous bunch of eco friendly businesses to bring you a fabulous end of year giveaway. That collaboration was brought to you by our friends at Boody.
Following on from that we would like to introduce you to Boody’s CEO, Shaun Greenblo. So grab a coffee and come with us as we ask Shaun about all things Boody.

Tell us about Boody and how it started.

Boody is an Australian sustainable apparel brand that creates everyday essentials from innovative eco-friendly materials. Our experience in health and wellness combined with our passion for the environment inspired us to create basics that truly better your world.
The business was started by my father, David Greenblo, who has over 30 years experience in apparel and his best friend, Neil Midalia, who enjoyed many years running successful retail pharmacies.

Today, Elliot Midalia (Neil’s son) and I run the business. We value the diverse experience our fathers bring to the table, which combined with our growth mindset, love of technology and collective hunger for changing the world for the better are building a world-class brand.
We still operate as a family-owned and run business and this ethos filters into our culture and our people. We’re based in Sydney and sold online as well as through over 4,000 retailers across 15 countries.

What are you most deeply passionate about when it comes to your business?

Taking the pressure out of getting ready in the morning for our customers. By making the simple decision to convert your top drawer to Boody undies (and extending from there), you are making a conscious step to a more sustainable world and a more comfortable day.

How can the average family make that #onesmallchange using your products?

By choosing to wear Boody, we are collectively rejecting the notion of fast-fashion and committing to building a wardrobe of quality, sustainable basics. We bypass trends and fads as we believe they lead to overconsumption and waste. By simply undertaking a more minimal approach to your wardrobe with sustainable basics, we can collectively make a direct impact on our future.

Aside from Boody products, what are your eco-friendly must-haves in your home?

My wife and I are deeply passionate about this area, so we try to do whatever we can at home to live an eco-friendly life. We keep a compost in our garden, recycle all our soft plastics, use only eco-friendly cleaning products and minimise takeaways in plastic packaging. We’ve also recently installed LED lighting and our next step is to install solar panels on our rooftop. We made it a part of our lives no a hindrance to our lives, and before we knew it, it became second nature!

If you could have one wish, what would that wish be for the future?

My one wish would be to leave the planet in a better state for my two boys, Noa and Asher, and their children. We are living in a time of serious environmental concern – just take a look at the recent devastating bushfires across Australia. Everyone needs to start doing their part as there really is no excuse any more. We must act before the damage really does become irreversible.

That said, I’m an optimist, so I don’t like to think of it as all doom and gloom! I believe the majority of people out there want to do the right thing and it’s simply about educating them to participate. By making even the smallest changes to our lives, as we have in our own family, we can contribute to securing a better future. It’s about making the ripples to cause a wave of change.


Thanks Shaun!

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