Just when you think the Festive season with its crazy shenanigans is over, New Years comes in with a bang and the celebrations continue.

You’ve noticed your Facebook friends are all sharing their 10 year difference photos and you start thinking there is no way you want to share yours because you look like a pregnant Barbie doll with unbrushed hair who’s aged about 50 years with dark circles under your eyes.

Then there’s this unspoken week that is kind of a waste because we are all in recovery mode from food comas and what feels like alcohol poisoning. It’s not that at all, its just we are now facing the extra 5 kgs that we’ve put on over the silly season. Oh who are we kidding! 5-10 kgs hahaha!

You’re either in one of these categories of parents:
* Back to work straight after New Years
* Taken an extra week off
* Or the school holiday helicopter mum (not a helicopter, but you’d like to think you could be one haha)

Either way you’ve got to fit in the dreaded back to school shopping and compete for the last pair of navy school shorts in size 6-8 at the local department store because your motto is cheap, second hand or FREE! In the end you know it wasn’t worth the risk of being put up for aggravated assault from wanting to rip out that other mum’s throat, when you had to play tug of war over the last polo shirt. When you know the school uniform shop t-shirts are $30 wash and wear super well, in fact your child could wear them for the next 3 years as opposed to the department store bought top, that will look like no one owns your child by term 2! But mehhhhh it’s just part of what us mums do!

You’re pleased with yourself now that the uniform is sorted you rush around looking for a lunch box, back pack & school books. For the love of God, can we just breath? We’re all still broke from Christmas! Never the less we are now all looking for the best lunch box food ideas & storage ideas to have somewhere to put all the school supplies. I must admit, being somewhat organised is the key to a successful start to the school year. More so after watching Marie Kondo on Netflix’s new series “Tidying up”. Boy oh boy can that woman fold clothes!

Either way you choose to tackle the back to school crazy period we are all going through right now, there is one staple requirement for every child’s lunchbox this year and that is some WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps. Here are some handy ways to use them this year.


WRAPPA your fresh fruit

Cut fruit is tricky at best to keep fresh and is particularly difficult to wrap with plastic wraps. Not only is it easier to wrap cut fruit using WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps, they also keep them fresher for longer.

WRAPPA your snacks in a Snack Pack

Our faaaaavourite trick for lunchboxes is to bulk buy snacks of our choice and wrap them in these handy snack packs (instructions here). Not only does this save you money for the school year, it also reduces waste by removing the need for individual quantity plastic bags – win win!

The OG Sandwich Wrap

The absolute superstar of any lunch box has to be the humble sandwich. Our smaller wraps are made especially to wrap a sandwich perfectly – keeping them fresher for longer.

The best part of all – WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps are incredibly easy to use and kids LOVE them. Imagine how much easier (or maybe not) life would be if your kids helped you make their own lunch!