Our customers often ask us what they should do with their WRAPPAs once they have reached the end of their life cycle. Generally we recommend that if you use your WRAPPAs daily, they will last 12 months depending on how well you take care of them. For tips on how to get the most out of your WRAPPAs, check out our ‘Caring for your WRAPPAs‘ post.

If you are familiar with our WRAPPAs then you would know that they require absolutely no extra help to stick and stay stuck. When WRAPPAs begin to reach the end of their lifespan, you will notice that they will start to lose their stickiness. So when you find your WRAPPA is starting to lose its stick, it’s time to jump online and grab another set. But where do all the disposed of WRAPPAs go?

WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps are 100% organic cotton and our mix of wax, resin and oil makes them completely biodegradable – which we love! Simply cut up your WRAPPAs into smaller pieces and put them into your garden or compost bin. So not only are you reducing your impact on this Earth by cutting out single-use plastic wrap, but you are also ensuring that you have zero waste by responsibly disposing of your WRAPPAs.