We often get asked, “Can a WRAPPA really keep sandwiches fresh?”

A good question deserves a GREAT answer!

We are currently in the process of some very “scientific research” which is being conducted in the kitchens of our staff members, who shall hereon be referred to as our “Research Team”  😉

This “Research Team” have used our WRAPPA sandwich size to wrap an Australian Icon… the good old Vegemite sandwich. Who knows what the results will be?? One day? Six?? It’s a mystery!

We have a few hypothesisisis on what we think the answer might be but we will keep you posted with our Aussie Sandwich Fresh Report! But until our lil experiment has concluded, we can tell you what we do know.

A cut Avocado can stay fresh by using a WRAPPA for up to 14 days! I know, isn’t that just bloody incredible?! Especially when the window between an unripe and overripe avocado is so small. It will also keep bananas fresh in the fridge for up to 3 WEEKS!!!

So what are your theories? Ask the family how many days they think the sandwich will last – loser has to do the dishes! That you can also ensure the dishes are done for the week. Ask your work colleagues, loser owes you coffee for the week! You dream it, you can have it lol

We are trying to live by the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. So here’s the perfect chance. Gone are the days of finding half eaten or not even touched sandwiches floating around the lunch box. If it was only a half sandwich day then anyone can rewrap the other half and enjoy it the following day. Even those challenging family members (and don’t tell me you don’t have them) will get in to it.

So we have now Reduced our food waste. If your hungry little caterpillars are looking for an after school snack on the way home we can Reuse our uneaten sandwiches that are still wonderfully fresh. And once our WRAPPAs have gone through their lifecycle, we can Recycle them by placing them in our compost.

Never limit a child’s imagination, let them explore. Wrap their banana – no more pulling out that squished black banana on a Monday morning. They are the perfect solution for those delicious wraps you made, simple wrap it in the WRAPPA (that’s a mouthful!) and it will still be tightly wrapped at lunch time. No more lunch box surprises to find that your wrap or roll has turned into some kind of tossed salad when it comes time to eat.

We all know that it’s a challenge at times to get the kids and certain family members to try new things. Join our experiment at home or work and see how much fresher your foods will stay for longer when wrapped in a WRAPPA.

Who do you think will win the Freshness Challenge? Stay tuned!