Are you sick of spending money on zip lock plastic bags for snacks, only to throw them out and be guilt ridden about what they are doing to our environment?

There is an easy alternative, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth! Literally.

Chances are you already own a WRAPPA, so go grab it and let’s start folding!

Simply flatten your wrap onto the bench, fold in half and then fold the sides two or three times, sealing with the warmth of your thumbs as you go. Could it be that easy??? It bloody well could!!! And it is!

Not only can you do this with any size wrap (think of using a jumbo for your herbs and loose green salad leaves) but it also means that there is no risk of any nasty little crumbs or moisture pockets to get trapped in the seams, which makes some serious hygienic sense right?? The added bonus is that you can then open up the snack bag and reuse it to cover your bowl or wrap your avocado or sandwich, making the humble wrap a very versatile item in the kitchen!

Why not let the kids join in the fun and help with school lunches or snacks on the go! You will be surprised how much they love to do this simple task.

To clean, just unfold and wipe over with some mild soapy water, then air dry…. and she is ready to go again for the next day!