One of the most obvious tips for reducing the amount of waste you produce in your household Is to purchase products that use less packaging or 100% recyclable packaging.

For a long time, one of the most economical ways to purchase household items has been to buy in bulk. But finding bulk food stores can be challenging in even the biggest cities.

Over the last few years, many stores have opened that offer bulk food supplies. Even some of the smaller boutique supermarkets have started to implement sections in their store where you can go and fill up on supplies.

With the recent plastic bag ban coming in to place, we have been adapting the way we shop. It’s becoming more common to see people out shopping with their reusable produce bags and remembering to take reusable bags to hold their groceries.

Bulk food stores offer a chance to take in your produce bags or glass containers and fill up on things like lentils, spices and herbs at a cheaper bulk price while also reducing the amount of food waste you produce by only taking what you need.

As the world continues to work on our relationship with single-use plastics, we would love to see more supermarkets implement bulk buy sections to help other customers reduce both their food and plastic waste.

But until then, track down your local bulk food store or shop local. Building relationships with local producers will mean you can take your WRAPPA to your local deli and get your food wrapped to go – perfectly hygienic and much friendlier for the environment – a small change the bigger supermarkets are struggling to wrap their heads around.