Snack packs are a fun way to get your kids involved in the process of packing their lunches.

We’ve put together some easy to follow instructions below to help them learn how to make them.

It doesn’t matter what size your WRAPPA is, use a 25cm wrap for small snacks like nuts, a 35cm wrap for bigger snacks like strawberries, or even our jumbo WRAPPA to store salads in the fridge!

Step 1: Fold your WRAPPA in half.

Step 2: Fold a small section on one side.
Step 3: Fold over again.
Step 4: Fold over one more time.

Step 5: Fold a small section on the other side.
Step 6: Fold over again.
Step 7: Fold over one more time.

Step 8: Fill!
Step 9: Fold over a small section at the top
Step 10: Fold over once more and voila!