Spring is here, let’s start our saving water summer campaign. We’ve got some fantastic Eco water tips. The results on how much you can save will amaze you.

While the creeks are running and the dams are flowing, it’s easy to forget that water is so valuable and scarce.

So, here are a few tips on how you can save water in your household.

Shower time

Shorten your shower time. Up to 18 litres of water can be saved every minute you take off your shower time. Take 3 minutes off your shower time this will save 19,000 litres.

Brushing Teeth

Turn the tap off, while brushing! This can save the average family around 50 litres of water per day. So, turn the tap off!!!

Reusable Water Bottle

Stop buying plastic disposable water bottles. The process to manufacture these bottles can be inefficient and waste 3 litres of water for every single bottle produced. Purchase a quality stainless steel bottle or recycled glass bottle, and don’t forget to stay hydrated this summer!

These are just some small changes to make today… but there are plenty more to come.