Do you remember having ice cream in a mug when you were a kid? Piling the ice cream in the cup and then holding by the handle so that your fingers didn’t freeze? Surely I wasn’t the only one!

I still love to eat from a mug. There is something homely about it. So why not breakfast from a mug?? Here is what you need to make the most delicious overnight oats you can imagine. Quick and easy and best of all, they make chaotic mornings go just that little bit smoother for not just school days, but also for those without kidlets to organise. Simply grab a mug and go!

You can get all fancy and experiment with stuff like fruit (I like to grate an apple into mine and sometimes if I am feeling really sassy I may even whack in a handful of sultanas…. But try mango or banana, passionfruit or peaches.. mmmm peaches… ) or spices like nutmeg and cinnamon etc. Why not be super hipster and add some raw cacao and peanut butter… OMG yes! Salivating a little here.

Here we go…..


2/3 cup thick yoghurt of choice. I use a thick coconut yogurt, but if you prefer to use Greek, then go for it.

1 cup rolled oats, the old fashioned kind

1 2/3 cup milk of choice. I use unsweetened almond milk.

2 tbsp chia seeds. If you are making these for the kids… maybe stick to white chia instead of black chia seeds. The black ones can look like little alien eyes. Dunno… maybe your kids will like being told they are eating alien eyes…. This could work in your favour???

1 tsp vanilla extract. Not essence.

Pinch of sea salt

Maple syrup or other sweetener to taste.

Remember if you are adding fruit that that will already sweeten up the oats, so go easy on the sweet stuff until you have tasted it in the morning.


I added a handful of mixed seeds (hemp, pumpkin, flax, sesame) just to make it a little bit more snazzy.


Mix everything in a bowl and

stir till combined.

That’s it.

Divide between four mugs and top with a mini size wrap (these can be made by cutting a sandwich wrap into four,

or by sending me a lovely message with your next order and asking me for a freebie!).


Refrigerate overnight.


In the morning just grab a mug and a spoon and enjoy your delicious breakfast!