I think we have officially made the WORLD’S MOST ADORABLE wrap designs!! Yep… it’s official.

Our beautiful country has taken a beating this year and we would like to remind everyone of why Australia is so unique and has so many reasons to love. Not only do we have the cutest marsupials ever… totally not a negotiable argument…. but we also have Iced Vovos. Yes we do. If you don’t know what an Iced Vovo is, then please head to Dr Google to find out.

Three pack consists of 1 x 35cm wrap (great for leftover dinner, large salad bowls or ½ a pumpkin etc) and 2 x 25cm wraps (perfect for sandwiches, avocado, cheese etc).

Want wraps specifically for snacks? Maybe put your Iced Vovos in an Iced Vovo wrap for recess time?? Pick up one of our four packs of small wraps in Iced Vovo design right here. Can I say Iced Vovo one more time? I just did it. Iced. Vovo.

Make your kitchen all MATCHY MATCHY today and grab one of our beautiful Jumbo Wombat print wraps to complete the set.  We only have a few of these, so be quick!!


Please note that the colour of our wax will vary as these are a 100% natural product.