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Available in four sizes, LINER (17cm), LIGHT (23cm), REGULAR (27cm) and HEAVY/OVERNIGHT (30cm), our gorgeous pads are designed by us in three beautiful fabric patterns. Who said periods had to be boring? How about our POSSUM design? A possum for your, um, possum? What about our little CUTERUS for your uterus? If you would prefer a little more traditional design, then we have our very feminine DANDELION pattern in sage green.

Made from organic cotton, multiple layers of cotton premium flannel and a layer of Eco-PUL/TPU (vegan friendly) for added protection, our pads should be washed at least once before use. They more they are washed, the more absorbent they become. Held together by KAMsnaps on the wings, these are super easy to use and ensure your pad is kept in place. Each pad will last on average of four years before needing replacing. Think of the savings for both the environment and your bank account!

  • Designed and handmade in Australia
  • 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Vegan Friendly


It is thought, that on average, Australian women use 10k + disposable sanitary items in their lifetime. Mainstream pads and tampons not only contain plastics that do not break down, but they also introduce harmful chemicals to our bodies.

Do we really want chemical filled synthetic fibres entering our system? Entering our waterways? No. The answer is a definitive NO. We do not. Do we really want to keep throwing our money away month after month? That is another big NO!

Thankfully there are options and we have been working towards our goal of providing a chemical free, REUSABLE SANITARY PAD since we began WRAPPA. Well, that time has come and they are finally here!

WRAPPA Sanitary Pads are made in Australia as part of a gorgeous collaboration with the ladies from EcoPads Australia. Each pad we make also sees one pad go to a girl in need, as well as providing educational workshops surrounding sex and health hygiene. We really couldn’t ask for more.

Wash our pads with a gentle, chemical free laundry detergent after rinsing with cold water. We use and recommend Soapberries for washing and our Laundry Stain Remover Stick for any tough stains, both available here in Cheryl’s Eco Essentials.


Additional information

Weight .06 kg

Panty Liner, Light, Regular, Heavy/Overnight

3 reviews for WRAPPA Reusable Sanitary Pad – Cuterus

  1. Laura

    I grabbed two and gave one to my student who was interested in trying reusable pads to reduce waste. She said she loves the cuterus design but the pad will take some getting used to. As an experienced reusable pad wearer, I told her she would and she wouldn’t be able to look back 💚

  2. RS

    Amazing pads! So comfortable, the shape is fantastic, no leaks and they are Australian made! Can’t wait to order more.

  3. Olive

    Am still getting use to wearing them but they are a really great product and love the fabric print, easy to wash and store

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