How would you like an activity that not only helps save the environment but also your sanity?


Well Aunty WRAPPA is here to help.

Gather the kids and let’s make them into Eco Warriors! You can vamp this up as much as is needed for your own little people, but if using superhero capes, then keep away from the iron.

Using our WRAPPA DIY Wax Bars (available in plant-based or beeswax varieties), you can create your own cool sandwich wraps.

Shake it up a little and let the cherubs choose their own fabric design! You know that they won’t be losing that sucker then! They will guard that with their life!!! (note to self: use 100% cotton as polyester will not break down and is nasty)
Each wax bar makes more than 6 sandwich wraps! So get your kids to invite their friends over for a productive play date as they learn how to reduce their plastic waste and watch as you become the coolest parent ever, or at least for this week.
They are super easy to make, you can even follow our step by step guide on our blog. Our suggestion is to maybe opt for the grating method seeing as it is so cold at the moment.

Let the kids make the switch to plastic-free lunch boxes these school holidays. There’s no better satisfaction for our mini-me’s than being able to say “Look, mum, I made it myself”. Lead by example to ensure that you are involved in educating the next generation of Eco Warriors the WRAPPA way. While you’ve got the kids in production mode why not make a few wraps as presents for Christmas so you can tick one more thing off that ever growing to-do list. And before you tell us it’s too early to start talking about the c-word, I can assure you it is never too early in our house.

Once you have created your WRAPPA works of art, post a picture on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram and show us all what lunch box fashion will be launching next semester at your school.
Follow our simple instructions below.

Grate + Iron

You will need:
– 1 bar of WRAPPA yourself beeswax or plant-based wax
– A grater
– Light cotton fabric (poplin or homespun is ideal)
– Iron + flat surface (ironing board or table)
– Towel or old cloth to protect your ironing board or table
– 2 sheets of baking paper (bigger than your piece of fabric)
– Clothes-line (or something to hang on) + pegs

Start off by placing an old towel or cloth on your ironing board or table and then place your fabric on top of one sheet of baking paper and grate a fine layer of wax on top of the fabric. Start out with less, you can always add more if you aren’t happy with the thickness and consistency of the wrap. Cover with the other sheet of baking paper. Turn your iron on to the hottest heat setting and make sure your steam is off and start to iron the baking paper/fabric sandwich in slow, circular movements. The wax with melt and spread itself evenly across the fabric, making any uncovered sections obvious to the eye. Lift the paper to check the consistency and make sure the entire piece of fabric is coated. If you are finding you have some dry patches or your wrap is too thin, grate some more wax on troublesome areas and repeat the process. The trick is to not make it too thick – this is why most DIY wraps crack. Cotton fabrics are absorbent so the wax will seep through on to the other side, giving the entire piece of fabric a coating of wax. Remove the fabric from the baking paper and hang it up to dry for a few minutes, and you’re good to go!