This year let us help you give sustainably.

With more and more people seeking out locally made and handmade products, it is our time to shine!

This year, amidst the chaos, WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps evolved into WRAPPA Reusables. We began creating our own range of amazing reusable products including Sanitary Pads and Face Wipes, Kitchen Wipes and Dish Cloths. As well as our own brand, we started to carry some amazing items which we have used in our family home for years. Some of these items make the perfect Kris Kringle or Eco Christmas gift!

Grab a coffee, pop on a Mariah Carey Christmas Album, and let the fun begin…



Handmade for us in Australia using our very own exclusive patterns, these beautiful soft facial wipes are a bargain at just $19.95 for a pack of six. They are larger than your standard face wipe and are double stitched to provide a more durable product. Made from organic cotton and premium cotton flannelette, you can team these babies up with a natural skin care range (we use and recommend OmMade Organic Skincare) or simply give as is.

Either way, you will make someone very happy with this reusable beauty.



The perfect gift for the office Kris Kringle or as a stocking stuffer. Cutlery Carriage is an Australian made product that contains a stainless steel fork and spoon, presented in a recyclable plastic ‘carriage’. No more using communal cutlery or those awful bamboo spoon/forks/whatevertheyare from the local food court.

Available in a variety of colours, these are perfect for throwing in your handbag or backpack. I love to keep one in the glovebox of my car.

These are great for kids too! Keep a Cutlery Carriage in their school bag for lunch and recess time. At just $19.95, they are a great price too!



THE SWAG … $23.95

Want to go next level in keeping veggies fresh? The Swags are perfect for that eco conscious family member or for the person who has everything. Made from unbleached and unseeded cotton, The Swag is a great investment item that will help save money in food waste!

Maybe you saw these on Shark Tank? Yep… they got a deal, and there is a good reason for it! Simply wash, wet and fill with your veggies or fruit then store in the crisper. A perfect addition to your Christmas list!



I literally can not imagine a world without reusable food wraps. Slowly we are bringing these into every home as people are saying goodbye to plastic cling film. This year we have made a gorgeous and slightly kitsch food wrap that will be the talk of the dining table!

Weighing next to nothing, these also make the perfect gift to send overseas to loved ones. Forget the newsagent calendar. Send something that will be used and loved right through till next Christmas. Our packs contain two LARGE wraps for just $19.95. That is a $10 saving in value.



Ok so you might initially think it is a bit odd to give a laundry product for a gift, but according to my customers, these are the hot gift at the moment! We sell so many in the  OmMade Meet the Maker

stores as gifts or hear from people how they received them last year at Christmas and are now looking to purchase to give this year.

Make it a really super gift and pop in a Twin Pack of Laundry Sticks or some Stainless Steel Pegs!  Think of that all wrapped up in a hamper! Or even better, a funky little cane basket… oh yeah.



Got someone in your life who loves camping? Loves a good fired up BBQ? Our Chemical Free Firelighters will make the perfect quirky gift for them. These beauties are individually hand rolled and are made using the offcuts of our waxed wraps.

Presented in a reusable produce bag, it doesn’t even matter if these get wet! They will still light due to the wax coating. No more nasty kerosene smells as you try to prepare your meal or enjoy a beer around a campfire. Pack of 25 is just $19.95. Each little ball will burn for about five minutes.



Wax wraps have been the ‘IT’ gift for the last few years, and there is good reason why. Going green is becoming the norm and people are turning away from single use items. Let’s really encourage this this year! Our wraps are designed by us and handmade by us right here in SA. We use premium quality Kangaroo Island beeswax and only the finest oils and resins. Each wrap will last around 12 months.

We have lots of sizes and patterns to choose from, including our Kris Kringle favourite, the F Bomb pack, including our FUCKPLASTIC wrap. At the other end of the scale… we have kiddie patterns too. 🙂


STILL NOT SURE??? Why not go for a WRAPPA GIFT CARD? You choose the amount you want to spend, and then let your loved one do the shopping. No one will call you lazy. I think it is pretty bloody smart actually!


Whatever you decide, make it an eco friendly and sustainable Christmas in your home this year.

Much love