It’s the end of Plastic Free July…. Do you know about The Great Escape or pushed plastics ruining our landscapes???

Okay people, we all lead such busy and hectic lives, BUT we have become masters of multi-tasking so here’s the perfect way to be healthy, productive and make a difference in every month, not just July.

So, let’s all take 15 minutes out to care for ourselves and our planet. Take a walk and LOOK around. There’s plastic hiding everywhere… discarded carelessly! It’s quite amazing how it escapes from our hands with very little thought. I call it “The Great Escape”. Now, you may ask, how did I find out about the Great Escape???

Let me share. I witnessed the most remarkable moment one day (insert a moderate amount of sarcasm). Two sneaky plastic drink bottles lowered a car window and they jumped from the car and flew through the sky. The bottles launched like a rocket, hit a tree and went off in different directions, tumbling through the grass.

I wondered did the humans realize there had been a Great Escape??!!!!
Did they want them???
Did they miss them ? ??
Did they need these plastic bottles???

Nope. The car speed away! Then a large chip packet of chips took flight out the same window! Now this time the human hand pushed that chip packet through the air. They turned looked at the chip packet then they caught my stare. As our eyeballs met, they laughed a mocking laugh.
What did I just witness?? They were throwing their plastic waste away. So, it was okay for them to buy this plastic but not okay for them to keep in their car.

Then I remember what my Grandmother said, “We are becoming a throwaway society”. Gran was right.

The plastic was pushed!!! The Great Escape was really Pushed Plastic. Pushed!!!

So, I found the bottles hiding under grass slowly dying. It can take 430 years for these bottles to die. I collected them placed them in my calico shopping bag.

Now to find that chip packet. I started to view it as a game of ‘hide n seek’ and no matter how hard the plastic hid, I would find them. By the time I reached that chip packet my heart rate was elevated beading with sweat … I was awesome at this game! I checked my bag: 9 plastic drink bottles, 4 zip lock bags, 1 chip packet. The partridge in the pear tree was one of those plastic egg cartons from Easter months ago.

I collected 22 pieces of food packaging; seriously how can you eat 1kg of cheese whilst driving???? It would take hundreds of years for my collection of plastic to die!!! So, after this experience I started taking my trusty calico bag on my walks. It felt good to free my beautiful landscapes of rubbish every week whilst my game of hide and seek happened.

So, in our busy lives of multi-tasking madness, why not take a walk and make your neighborhood plastic free? Help stop this Great Escape of plastics ruining our landscapes.