Who doesn’t love a holiday?

We walk into a stunning room, clean and crisp. Then into a swanky bathroom, white and shiny. But wait… my eyes spy four little bottles.

You know the ones: Shampoo, Conditioner and it seems that those two bottles got together over past few years and reproduced. The twins: Body wash and After Shower Moisturizer.
The fact that these tiny little bottles are designed for single use and replaced the next day with a whole new family of bottles is an environmental tragedy.

This equates to 28 bottles per week for one hotel room. Over a year that is staggering 1456 bottles just from that one room! Holy crap!! Now that’s a fact that calls for change.

Whilst we can’t change the world, we certainly can be responsible for our own actions, ensuring that we leave a positive imprint in the sand.

I have long locks and I find that those little bottles just don’t cover my all of my hair! So, do I ring room service and ask for 3- 4 bottles of shampoo and conditioner to tend to my hair? Or should I bring my own goodies that I know are going to make my hair super shiny and healthy?

The answer hit me at 3am and I literally sat bolt upright in bed. On my next trip away, I was ready to put my solution into action. I took a couple of my older wraps which had been well loved and grabbed the scissors. I have been using shampoo bars for a while now, so why not take them with me and wrap in a WRAPPA for travel purposes? Such a simple solution.

You really can cut your wraps into any size you want. I cut to fit my bars perfectly. If you pop your wrap in the fridge for a minute or two, it makes it easier to cut. You’re welcome. I wrapped my shampoo/conditioner bar, soap and even the end of my toothbrush in the wraps! If you use solid perfume bars, the wraps are perfect for storing these too.

Cheryl does this and just cuts a portion off the bar and take that with her. It saves on space in your toiletry bag too.

With my spare piece of WRAPPA I made another pocket that was perfect to fit my jewellery for my trip.

So now I had my own preferred products to ensure I was looking and feeling the best on my holidays. There’s something about having a few creature comforts of home when you travel, and these are mine.

Now I know my products are safe on my travels and won’t end up creating a Pro Hart masterpiece in my suitcase. Perfect start and end to my holiday and I can sleep well knowing that I will take no part in the plastic bottles at hotels they can stay there for a few days whilst I am holidaying. I have successfully just made #onesmallchange.

Feeling very proud of myself and knowing that my one small change has left a positive footprint. It is like the Ripple Effect.

My Ripple started a wave in my home; when my children went to school camps, they wrapped all their toiletries in WRAPPA, and even my partner went away on a footy trip and WRAPPA his toiletries.

At this thought I smiled and closed my eyes to see my family’s footprints in the sand.
Where will your ripple start?

Happy wrapping